When things come easy.

We should not fear the days when things come easy.

It’s tempting to worry that because something is going smoothly, because it feels easy and there is a distinct lack of resistance, because the work is, dare we say, fun – that it is somehow lacking. 

It must be sub-par. 

Our lightness of spirit today is a sign that we are doing something wrong, that we are not taking things seriously enough, that we need to get stuck in some mud in order for this to be worthwhile.

But a hard day does not guarantee work that we are proud of.

The meaningful thing is that the work has been done. We got through that hard day.

Days which fly by, where you enjoy the work, the company, the process, also don’t guarantee work we are proud of, but neither do they indicate that it will be work that we are not.

The meaningful thing, again, is that the work has been done.

I have been tempted at times to believe that in order to make something worthwhile you must suffer. And I have acted accordingly. 

In those moments I forgot that one third of The Creative Process is

“This is Awesome”.

Maybe the hard work has led us to the point where we can now enjoy it.

It would be a mistake not to.

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